October 2010

Analysis from studentactivism.net:

At my last count yesterday, I had word of 76 actions in 25 states for the Day of Action to Defend Public Education. That number was incomplete — I’ve already learned about a major action in New Orleans that flew under my radar, and I’m sure there were plenty of other smaller ones too.

But if we figure that 76/25 is in the ballpark, and that what we’ve heard about the nature of yesterday’s actions is representative, we can draw some conclusions about the day. Here are my initial thoughts…

News story about Santa Cruz’s day of action:

SANTA CRUZ – It started early as students made their way to morning classes, first a mass of bikers wove its way through campus like a swarm of bees, then a group of “radical” cheerleaders used gold pom-poms to draw attention, and finally, shuffling along, pale-faced zombies came through wearing signs that read “I like my branes fully develupped” and “Witness the death of public education.”

These “creative actions” by UC Santa Cruz students and faculty were all designed as eye-catching ways to round up people for a rally held in Quarry Plaza at noon Thursday, part of a National Day of Action to Defend Public Education. Approximately 250 people attended the rally, according to campus police, to protest recent fee hikes and budget cuts across the UC system. [Read the rest…]

Aggregation of media links from around the country, from defendeducation.org.



Rally & Pie-Eating Contest

SANTA CRUZ (October 7, 2010) – Assemblymember Bill Monning and other local candidates will join together with the UCSC community to cheer on their favorite contenders in the Who’s Eating Your Tuition? Pie-Eating Contest. The pies will be steaming, and so will the hungry crowd, demanding their fair share of quality, affordable public education in the lead up to the November 2nd Elections.

WHAT: National Day to Defend Public Education Rally & Pie-Eating Contest

There will be rally speakers including Assemblymember Bill Monning, as well as picketing, performances, and a pie-eating contest put on by campus professors to demonstrate how teaching and student services are starving while executive pay and new construction are gobbling up public funding and student fees.

WHEN: Thursday, October 7, 2010 from 12pm-1pm

WHERE: UCSC Baytree Plaza 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

WHY: While student fees have skyrocketed, programs and courses have been slashed at the University of California Santa Cruz. That is why students, faculty, staff and community members will join together on this national day of action to demand that the UC administration and elected officials stop layoffs, program cuts and fee hikes, and provide quality, affordable, accessible education for all.

Media contacts:
Erin Ellison, Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant  (732) 245-7410
Megan Thomas, Associate Professor of Politics (831) 359-0408
María Morris, Spanish Language Instructor (831) 278-1844