Contract bargaining resumes Tuesday, November 9th.

Come out to tell the UC that we deserve more–and will not accept less–than respect and decent pay.

TA Grade-In and Rally

Noon, Tuesday, November 9th,
Baytree Plaza

Bring your papers, bluebooks, or mountains of reading to show that grad students are mobilized and have the energy to fight for what we deserve.

If you haven’t read the last report on the UAW contract situation, here’s an update:

  • The UC effectively wants to cut TA pay.
  • Additionally, after approving $11.5 million in executive bonuses at the last Regents meeting, the UC is refusing to spend a mere $75,000 to increase childcare subsidies.
  • Meanwhile, UC TAs earn less than TAs at comparable institutions and must live in some of the most expensive areas in the country.
  • More than 700 grads have already pledged to go on an unfair labor practices (ULP) strike if necessary.
  • The UAW has begun circulating an official strike pledge, and will ramp it up this week. Come to the Grade-In and sign on!