To the tune of “Rocky Racoon” by the Beatles.

AWDU walked into the room
only to find lonely ballots
AWDU had come to spoil the fun
of all those Admin Caucus bosses

Our rivals it seems had broken our dreams
by ditching the votes of our members

The turnout was high, but USEJ denied to count Berkeley’s 800 ballots

A nice volunteer, got caught in a smear for putting together the boxes
The big guy walked in and grinning his grin, said, “kenny, boy, smile for the camera!”

We got on HuffPo, it wasn’t enough though,
they kept up their tactical stalling.

We said, “USEJ you met your match!
You better count that last batch
or the rank-n-file, the rank-n-file will come calling!”

A.W.D.U kept watching the room,
forced USEJ back to the table.
The ballots checked out and they left no doubt
of union democracy’s revival!