Hypocritical student “activists” at UC Berkeley have criticized UC Berkeley’s Police Department for its forthcoming acquisition of a Lenco Ballistic Engineered Armoured Response Counter Attack Truck (BearCat), even going so far as to launch a “petition” which seems to call upon UCPD to desist from procuring this vehicle. This “petition” is based on crass political calculations. By its very nature it cannot stoke enough outrage to stop the procurement at UC Berkeley, but it could slow down the acquisition of much-needed armored vehicles throughout the rest of the UC system.

We call upon the UCSC Administration and the UCSC Police Department to take immediate steps to procure an armored vehicle at UC Santa Cruz!

We would like to suggest a bright yellow, jointed armored banana slug, equipped with hydraulic tentacles to clear barriers and a Long Range Acoustic Device for non-lethal crowd dispersion – something offering the level of security of a BearCat Riot Control while tastefully displaying our school spirit.

Surely we at Santa Cruz deserve no less, in order to face large incidents such the unsanctioned gathering known as “4-20” and overly excited patrons at the Grateful Dead Archives – not to mention repeated rounds of vigorous advocacy in support of public education.

Furthermore, we consider any attempt to restrict the procurement of armored vehicles to be an unconscionable restriction on the self-expression of UC President Mark Yudof, who clearly belongs inside one of these babies. We hope to welcome him at UC Santa Cruz for a christening ceremony for our new armored slug no later than December 1, 2012.


UPDATE: it looks like a BearCat will not be coming soon to Cal. We’re still coming up with good uses for one at Santa Cruz. The way shuttle service has been cut back lately, maybe TAPS needs a BearCat as part of its fleet?


UC President Mark Yudof at the Lenco Armored Vehicles test facility, Pittsfield, MA, May 2012